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Although our original provider has provided great service for the last 10 years, their business is changing and as such, they are ending all WIKI services. As such, a migration from their system to new software was required.

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Cyrious Support

Cyrious Software offers many different resources to our users to help provide guidance, training information, and technical reference material. In the early years we provided printed or PDF manuals for the software but as innovation and release cycles increased more steadily this became a less effective method of getting the latest information to our users.

In an effort to ensure that Cyrious is always providing the latest information available we now utilize the web for distribution of all resources. This site is a WIKI, which if you are familiar with Wikipedia you'll understand that this delivery method for content allows users and Cyrious staff to contribute articles, comments, etc. in a rapid manner.

This site is split into 2 main categories:

Everyone on the internet can access any information contained. If you wish to contribute new information please sign-up for a free account.

For Cyrious employees only.

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